A little bit about us:

Our mission is to redefine the staking landscape by helping users unlock the value of their crypto assets through a decentralized cross-chain liquid staking protocol. Users can effortlessly stake crypto assets and maintain liquidity to participate in the rich DeFi ecosystem.

Our history:

Mohak Agarwal has been part of several Proof of Stake (PoS) networks and has supported them in their early stages. In 2018, he founded WolfEdge Capital, a staking as a service platform that currently runs validator nodes on over 10 prime PoS networks.

Our deep expertise in staking coupled with a diverse crypto native team has helped us attract some of the best funds and angels, making us one of the hottest blockchain startups.

We're actively looking for passionate folks, and if you're interested in crypto and looking to grow your career, then look no further!

Open roles

Technical Content Writer

Principal Architect

Senior Solidity Developer

Senior Product Designer / Product Design Manager

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